Child’s Play

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coconut colored game

by Claire Playfair

This game for children age 6 – 14 years is a tribute to the coconut palm which provides millions of people in their daily living. The game demonstrates environmental responsibility through the selection of materials and a simple fabricating process.
Furthermore the game creates awareness under children of the importance of this sub-tropical specie, well-known for its variety of uses, while familiarizing them with, some well known, products stemming from it. All together, a call for preservation of this specie.

The game:
Players each receive an even number of variety of products and one stand by choice.
By moving the coconut shells with the hollow side beneath around, chanting…..coconut, coconut… a player gets a chance to open one of the shells. Depending on the color opened, the first one able to name a product from this group is given the opportunity to pick from its mates a corresponding product. Products can only be chosen if at least one matching product is possessed.
The idea is to collect as many products possible in each group showing and gaining knowledge of the many coconut products.
The game also is an added value in the learning process to cope with successes and losses.

Minimum number of players: 3

Included are:
1. 5 pairs of painted halved coconut shells, each color representing a part of the coconut palm f.e:
• Blue: coconut water
• Green: coconut leaves
• White: coconut meat
• Yellow: husk and skin
• Red: stem
2. 50 coconut products, the colored midribs of the coconut branch, in corresponding color each colored product representing a product derived from part of the palm.,
3. 5 rings made from coconut shell as stands for products
4. List of coconut products made from any part of the coconut palm.