Child’s Play

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by Dejan Vukadinovic

“Bændy” concept comprises visual, hearing and tactile sensation in a unique way. This sound snake creates the melody by bending, or more precisely, by rotating the segments which is made of. In this way the interaction between the tactile and the hearing is raised to a new level. Correlation between the light and sound enables, even the children with impaired hearing, to feel the tempo and see the rhythm of their creation, while children with impaired sight can create limitless creations in form and sound by using their senses of touch and hearing.
When it comes to children who are not in any way impaired, the full interaction of shapes, light and sound can inspire even greater degree of creativity and imagination. Such bendy instrument would provide not only a great fun, but also a possibility to learn through play. It could provoke children's creativity by developing their senses through their connections , and even memory and motoric skills through correlation with senses.

This could be also an educational instrument – teachers and pedagogues in preschool, aimed at age group of 2+, could explain the children the duration of tone, their pitch and rhythm in creative and funny way.

The key aspect for possible production is flexibility – the broad range of variations could be made with adding/subtracting some of the features, without ruining the essence of the toy. Based on a market or a target group, different versions can be produced – from a cheap to expensive. Suggested plastic materials for production would be polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, since they are inert and suitable for recycling.
All the components of Bændy don’t require special development and are easily attainable in the market, and quite inexpensive at that.

So, bend an end with friend and get your band :)