Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Shimolee Nahar
Co-authors: Mudit Mittal

The concept is to provide a 7-9 years old child with limitless possibilities of playing with various unexplored forms and structures that he would create from various predesigned daily-use objects.

During this stage, the child begins to reason logically, and organize thoughts coherently. However, they can only think about actual physical objects, they cannot handle abstract reasoning. The concept provides child with tangible colored objects which can be explored further for e.g., adding color/pattern in transparent elements to explore color/pattern interaction.

Using these units is economical and can be used with little modifications. It also promotes reuse.

The system is a combination of solids, planes and linear elements

- Stackable glasses (opaque/ transparent/ thermocol/ plastic).
- Plastic balls

Planar elements
- Planes made from tetra packs, visiting cards, cardboard etc.

Linear elements
- Straws
- Plastic Bangles (different sizes)