Child’s Play

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Naphoo and his curious home

by omri amoyal

My project dealt with the healing process of young children who have survived through a natural disaster. I have decided to try and come up with a friendly idea that will help children cope with p.t.s.d and anxiety after natural disasters.
My scheme combines a game that is composed of an elephant doll named Naphoo, and, an inflatable shelter. I have placed an air pump inside the elephant’s body, which, when one connects the elephant’s trunk to the tent, will allow that individual to press a spot on the elephant’s belly to manually pump and inflate the tent – therefore creating one’s own safe environment. Naphoo thus creates an active communication scheme in the child participating in this game. Combining this with an imaginative, sense stimulating story portion of the game, a child is persuaded to take an active part of his own healing process.
Children’s groups are broken into two age groups. Up until the age of 6, the majority will need assistant from an adult person, this is also an important part of the process- it’s no shame to ask for help. 6 - 10 year olds can play independently.
The elephant is worldly perceived by children as a friendly large mammal. In S.E. Asia, the elephant symbolizes a religious and sacred animal. Thus, a model was sent to Sri Lanka to be used in a research program conducted by a psychiatrist at a refugee camp. Trials proved to be very successful and exceeded our expectations.
The doll is sewn from hemp fabric. The inflatable part of the tent is made from polyurethane that is coated with nylon. The seams are RF soldered for maximum strength. Remaining portions are made from 100% recycled PET textile. These construction methods provide the toy with a long lifespan.