Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Daniel Becker

Flutterflies are finger puppets best suited for children ages five to eight. This toy encourages the use of intuition and experimentation to create symmetrical or asymmetrical butterflies. Flutterflies come with twelve pairs of wings and only six bodies to further encourage experimentation and demonstrate to the child that there are no incorrect solutions. The wings themselves are reversible and move through the color spectrum via transition colors (red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-violet, violet-red) as well as three geometric patterns. The body remains a constant white so that attention is focused onto the interaction between different wing combinations. Both the body and wings are made of heavyweight paper, which is a familiar material to children at this age, and can also be easily recycled. The body contains one adhesive edge, and is comprised of common folds, making it an efficient use of the material and easy for children within this age bracket to build. The wings are tabbed into the body, which allows them to be reused easily and swapped out until the child is satisfied with their creation. After construction of a Flutterfly, a gentle up and down motion creates a movement of the wings and consequentially an audible fluttering sound.