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Cocoon Love - playhouse for kids

by GH Yeoh

"The (cocoon) love" is a conceptual playhouse for kids. The cocoon of insects inspired the ideas and the shape of this playhouse. It allows our imagination to expand new ways to seeing nature in different context and environment. It creates ambience, anticipation and celebrates a sense of harmony and balance in our living space.

The objectives of "The (cocoon) love" playhouse are to explore new possibilities for kids to develop their senses, creativity, imagination and social relationship with their parents. It is a place for parents and child to share space and engaging with the enjoyment to play together.

With the whole organic shape of the playhouse structure, it allows kids to run around, sit inside to play and creating movement for this mobile indoor playhouse.

"The (cocoon) love" playhouse structure is built by using a new material - Bamboo Plywood - It is a strong and lightweight structure, can be use in indoors and outdoors. Bamboo plywood is made from a 100% renewable resource, which saves precious rainforest cabinet and hardwood timbers.