Child’s Play

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BUILDO children furniture parts

by Jakob Uhlin

KIDS LOVE TO BUILD and with BUILDO they design their own furniture and structures.

Children create their own worlds as they play. I remember as a kid, that I enjoyed the creativity of planning, preparation and set-up, as much, if not more than the playtime or game that followed.

My aim with BUILDO was to design furniture construction pieces that would encourage children to tap into their own creativity and get involved in a design process.

USING A TOOL TO BUILD is inviting for the kids. A real tool makes them proud and the play becomes for real.

BUILDO has a long lifetime. As the kid grows BUILDO gets rebuild and REUSED INTO NEW STRUCTURES, as furniture or as a building part for a game.
If ever thrown as garbage BUILDO can easy be recycled, since the main structure is a single material component and the connection parts are easily unscrewed into separated parts.

The 3 year old kids will take the parts connecting them into random structures learning basic construction.

The 5 year old kids will follow their fantasy and joining parts imagining animals or whatever on their mind. Together with an adult they create custom made furniture design or follow building guides.

The 8 year old kid will master included building guides and go creative planning and joining parts into personalized solutions for custom made furniture or temporary set-ups as they play with their friends.

Production cost calculated for a building set of 14 pieces.
Moulds: 65000 euro
Material: 1euro/kg
Machine cost: 50 euro/hour (90sec/set)
Labour: 30 euro/hour (270sec/set)

Production cost/one set:
15 euro at a production of 10.000 sets
9,70 euro at a production of 100.000 sets