Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Emilia Franssen Canovas

I came up with "Peek-a-Book" thinking of babies from 8 months up. I wanted children to be in contact with different fabric soft textures, that they can put safely in their mouths. It also has little bells so the baby has more fun with it.
I also wanted to make a toy with more than one option of "personality". “Peek-a-book” has five different faces depending on position, putting the right “outfit” on, and imagination. I chose animals because it is a concept easier to relate with, so I came up with the idea of a stuffed soft animal a baby can take with anywhere and anytime, but giving him the choice, (with the help of parents at first) to flip the "page" that dresses the face of choice, and stick it in the back (that also has the relative animal print) with a simple velcro patch that helps the pages in place.
The kid can turn the pages and create its own stories depending on the character, helping familiarization with books the baby will start exploring more as he grows older.
This also stimulates children to make choices and develop his or her personality.
And as the kid gets older it will stop needing help to flip the charactes over, since his coordination will start improving.
It is made of fabric and there fore easy to wash. and production is retatively simple and low cost since it doesnt need any special machinery for its assembly.