Child’s Play

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Educational and creativity-building interlocking cards

by Dino Brucelas

The basic idea for this toy is that it is a flat card that has one basic shape and has slots which allow it to interlock with other cards, as well as connectors that allow it to form more complex shapes. The cards can have a print (letters, numbers, images, sentences, etc.) and be used like a flash card, or be left blank so the child (or adult) can draw on it whatever he/she likes. These cards can be used as is (flat), or interlocked to form simple structures (boxes), or with the use of connectors, form structures of varying degrees of complexity. Suggested material for the cards and connectors is recycled board/paper of sufficient thickness, with non-toxic and/or soy-based inks to be used for any printing. A pattern of the shape can also be provided to the child so he/she can make the shape from other materials. Other possible ways of using the cards are: holes can be punched or cut on the cards, or other materials glued to the card surface. Since the cards can be used in so many ways, they can be used for almost any age. They can be used when a child is just learning to explore colors, letters, textures, and shapes, (approximately 2 months to 1 year old) all the way to when a child is starting to form sentences, learning mathematics, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional constructions, and relationships between objects. In fact, even adults can still use the cards for themselves. In other words, it’s a ‘lego’-type, do-it-yourself, construction kit flash cards for all ages. The only limit is one’s imagination.