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guts. "a generation bi-lingual in robot"

by Ben Arent

Guts is a toy designed with the knowledge that the next generation has endless potential to understand new bleeding edge technologies. Each decade we see a new generation that ‘better understands’ modern devices. Guts is a programmable toy, that doesn’t have any function other than that give to it by its user. Using a simple yet advance programming language, coupled with an innovative ‘plug and play’ interchangeable hardware guts has endless possibilities.

Once the guts have been programmed they are placed into a host device, in this case a one wheeled doll called ‘gutsie’. Communicating without wire, gutsie learns from its guts, and is also driven by its own AI, and real experiences via a webcam and GPS transmitter. All of this allows for ‘gutsie’ to grow, and experience the same places and information as its master-friend. This expandable platform will humanize robotics, with such expandable modules are love and humor. Guts will be opensource and online, being able to ‘robot-life-cast’, and share experiences and innovations in its AI.

Like any language by being learnt from a young age we will soon have a generation bi-lingual in robot.