Child’s Play

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by Jasha Salas
Co-authors: NONE

This toy has been created with the intention to give
the child the opportunity to interpret for himself/herself how the toy can be used for his/her play, and to become a multi-use object that could be used as decoration, storage, or a challenging game as well.

The toy’s name is FOLDABLES. The toy is made up of 49 2x2x1/4 of inch plastic squares united through metal
rods along the sides of each square. The squares make up 7 rows of 7 squares each in a plane, and then each row is united to an adjacent row through another metal rod but at only 1 specific location. The squares are able to rotate (FOLD) about each rod, however, the rotation is locked into place at each 90 degree angles via springing thumbs from each rod that penetrate (and lock) orifices in the squares. See displays.

FOLDABLES is intended for children 7 years old and
older. This toy was designed to stimulate the mind of
a child so as to find ways for creating a fun/useful
object considering the implicit limitations of this
toy. Note that there are hundreds and hundreds of
ways to fold and combine the folds of the squares, but
the fold of two squares will affect the subsequent
folding possibilities of the rest of the squares. .
The toy also helps children become more aware or even
further develop their dexterity with objects as the
toy requires coordinated interaction with hands.
Finally, the toy allows a child to use their
imagination when producing shapes because these shapes
will always have a surrealistic appearance due to the
geometry of the toy’s components.
Jasha Salas ,
June 17, 2007