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Thinking Inside the Box

by Claire Regan
Co-authors: Tara Whelan

Thinking Inside the Box is a new take on a long established classic – a return to & a reinvention of the giant cardboard box that was always favoured over the expensive toy it housed. It is a salute to the forts, the racing cars, the kitchens & costumes the humble box has provided children for decades.

Thinking Inside the Box is 100% recycled & recyclable reinforced cardboard, covered with a layer of recycled white paper & held together with non-toxic, ecologically friendly glue, making it a simple, yet educationally effective toy that has proven popular with children for years without ever being given due credit.

Thinking Inside the Box is targeted specifically at children in their most important stages of cognitive, motor & social development; the 3 to 5 year old demographic. At this age, a child’s problem-solving capabilities begin to emerge & they become increasingly inventive. They begin to interact socially & it is imperative that these budding social abilities be nurtured; these tentative first steps create a framework for the communication & interaction skills that serve them for the rest of their lives.

Playing with the Box requires little or no prior instruction, allowing children to freely interact with the product, creating their own play scenarios & encouraging group participation & cooperation. This non-directive play is extremely important inthe development of cognitive & problem-solving capabilities, as well as vital social skills.

The inexpensive nature of the box, combined with its smooth white surface, effectively makes the product a blank canvas. This gives children full freedom to decorate, mutilate or modify the box in any way they see fit & without fear of reprimand, allowing endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Uniquely customisable & endlessly versatile, Thinking Inside the Box is the cardboard launchpad of a child’s imagination.