Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Madeleini Odulio

BeBop is a concept that is geared towards children 6-years-old and over but is also functional for adults therefore encouraging recyclable use. The colors are exciting and fun harmonized with an amusing organic shape that attracts children to creatively interpret their activity on this form. It is multipurpose in which various exercises and activities can be performed to work on balance, strength and flexibility as it mimics the exercise ball.

Some of BeBop’s unique qualities:
• Height adjustable to accommodate various heights
• Separates in half for diverse forms of exercise
• Use as a stool so children are more likely to be active as they watch TV or hang out with friends
• Retractable arms bands
• Used by children and adults

Research for this child obesity project indicated children were drawn to exercise balls. Instead of sitting idle as they watched TV or spend time with their friends they bounced, balanced and played on them. Unbeknownst to them they were exercising; working their core and/or balance.
Research also indicated that home exercise equipment was geared only for adults to be used for a short amount of time. The unassuming presence of BeBop in the home is gravitating for many ages prompting a child to more likely play and explore with this product.
The retractable arm bands are also a great feature to accommodate strengthening of the arms. Ideally the arm bands should somehow lock for safety measures. Put BeBop on its side and the youngsters will enjoy rolling on this unique form.
In conclusion BeBop is multi functional innovative exercise equipment that can be used by the young and the old. Its unassuming presence will draw children to play creatively with it due to its unique shape, bounce and colors.