Child’s Play

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Rollie Pollie

by trilby

Rollie Pollie is a play piece specifically for small children. Both a place to snuggle into and a toy to play with, Rollie Pollie is designed to accommodate the various stages of child development -- from infancy to toddler years -- as well as a child's need for safety, comfort and play. Made out of sustainable materials and shaped into an organic, pod-like form, Rollie Pollie is both friendly and appealing to children.
Rollie Pollie encourages active play, allowing the child to be fully engaged both physically and mentally. Rollie Pollie’s abstract and simple form gives freedom to a child’s imagination. Rollie Pollie’s rocking ability and size encourages children to play together: multiple children at once can rock back and forth in the cradle like form. The thickness and high density of 100% wool felt provides structure and softness in one material and enables felt to be the product’s primary material. The felt guarantees a safe and cozy play piece with no sharp edges or corners that could potentially hurt a child.
Rollie Pollie is made from sustainable and enduring materials making it possible to pass the product on to future generations. With a low impact production process (in which it is not necessary to use toxic chemicals) and made from a renewable resource, wool felt is an economical and sustainable material. The product’s simple and smart construction: punch two oval or circle felt pieces with grommet holes around the edge and gather up with rope, is both sustainable and efficient. The patterns for the products can be die-cut, or cut by hand, requiring very little energy. The few additional materials used can be easily removed so that the entire product can be recycled. Since the products are virtually indestructible, no extra padding is necessary when shipping.