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Once Super Mario Can't Jump

by meng4u


It's a card game for 4 to 9 years old kids. Unlike the well-known Super Mario, this one can't jump. To go through his adventure, he needs players to invent tools by manipulating their daily wastes: extracting attributes or components, combining, multiplying, etc. Without those tools, Mario can't even cross the river.

Kids are expected to collect everyday wastes, e.g. the empty bottle, by photographing them and posting onto cards. With more tool cards, they could adapt more tools and make more inventions for Mario to overcome the difficulties. For example, one kid multiplied the bottle to 24 bottles and combined them with the rope so she built a raft floating on the river to transport Mario. Kids collaborate with others by telling stories, sharing ideas, and critiquing other’s ideas.

I want to enhance children's creativity and flexibility through giving them adventure context which provides them chance for divergent problem solving.

I want to shape the mindset of adapting and reusing the wastes is not only to save, it’s actually a fun and creative way for sustainability. It's all about how to view the familiar in an unfamiliar way.

I want to make the game always new. Children can add more cards from everyday wastes. And they not only interact with the stuff, but also other kids.

4 to 9 years old kids love helping Mario, saving the princess, and collecting coins. They love manipulating cards. They love team play. They love things they have used before or collected themselves, e.g. one kid mentioned his socks bought by his mom and it triggered his brother’s idea to use that as a pipe.

It’s fun. 4 out of 5 pairs played for more than 40 minutes. 7 out of 10 kids expressed "I love that game".