Child’s Play

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by Tracy L
Co-authors: none

Build-a-Boxshelf is a play on the concept of building blocks and making it into a fun kid's storage system. Simultaneously, it is a set of large-scale open blocks.

Kid's can build up the boxes as much as they want, leaving it up to them what type of space they would like to create. Although it is an organizer, a kid's imagination can run wild with it and they can use it as an environment (playhouse, fort, castle, etc) in which to place characters, action figures, stuffed animals, or three-dimensional objects to draw on.

The set consists of triangle, rectangle, square, and hexagon boxes made of corrugated cardboard—each of which have die-cut holes for connections. The holes cut from one side are used as the positives for the opposite side, saving material. Colored board is also an option. To build vertically, wooden dowels are inserted into the corner pockets of each box. Structures can stand against the wall or be put under the bed when built in a horizontal fashion.

BaB can easily be taken down when not in use and can retain use as a storage unit as the child outgrows it. The target age group is 6-10yrs.