Child’s Play

Competition Details


by anna lothman
Co-authors: Magnus Gustafsson

This game is intended for children from 5-9 years old. For our target group, the interaction with others is very important, since at this age children are developing the ability to express their opinions and to participate in discussions. Their coordination is also becoming more refined as well as their colour perception.
At this age, also the organization ability is being developed together with an awareness of the difference between fantasy and reality.
Boa creates an opportunity to get together and play outdoors. This is a game where the participants are taking part in setting the rules. Our desire, with this game, is to stimulate the children’s imagination and creativity. The idea of Boa is to leave as much as possible of the game free to the children’s own interpretation. Because of this, the “rules” should more be considered as suggestions to give a base for the game, free for the participants to change according to their own ideas.
Boa compiles a set of components fitted into a nylon bag that becomes part of the game. Boa begins with all participants drawing/writing different actions on the laminated cardboard cards in which they later will take part in during the game.
The deck also consists of some Jollys which, before the game starts, also are to be decided what function they should have. After mixing the cards the game can begin.
The game can be played either individually or in teams. The basic idea is that when you hit the target, by throwing the balls into the basket, you take a card. You perform the action written on the card and receive a board, which is made of recyclable plastic, to create a path with the same colour as the card. The one who reaches a set goal first, wins.