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emo - emotinal communicator

by Natascha von Nayhauss
Co-authors: Steffi Wermbter

The emotional communicator “emo” is designed to improve communication between young children and their parents or guardians. It is made for 3 to 6 year-old children who do not know how to use a telephone yet.

The two parties communicate using an „emotional message service“, short “ems”, which is a personal message in form of visual patterns, colours or sounds. In the received message these components are composed to a fascinating animated play of colours and light accompanied with appropriate music.
This acoustical and optical feedback incites the child to interact with this item. An intuitive and emotional handling enables the target group to use this item completely independently. By inciting creativity skills and effortless learning “emo” helps the child to become more independent.

The product consists of three components: a communicator for the child, a communicator for the adult person and a software package. This software allows inviting a third party to a communication session and also offers the possibility to download further patterns and sounds as well as further elements from the internet. That way the repertoire of communication patterns, colours, sounds etc can be renewed.

As an additional application the product for children can be used as a lullaby assistance, as well as for older users as a kind picture frame. A communicator has been developed which feels like a personal item.

The product stands for a relationship between two people.