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Graffiti 4yrs+

by adam coward
Co-authors: Andrew Murch

‘There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.’ (Walt Streightiff)

Graffiti 4yrs+ is a picture book with a twist. These pictures have perforated edges, allowing a child to punch them out and use the negative shapes as stencils to decorate their immediate environment. This book encourages children to imagine and create their own stories and provides a template for them to project their imagination onto whatever environment they see fit.

Graffiti 4yrs+ comes with a pack of chalk, allowing a semi-permanent medium of application to a variety of surfaces. A piece of chalk will also allow for a child to draw, write text and customize the stenciled images.

As an example…

Where would the stencil of the ladder on page 14 belong?
Is it a ladder for the bugs that live in the garden?
If so, can a child find the stencil of a bug on page 35 and make it climb the ladder?
What surface does the ladder rest up against and where is the bug going?
How many bugs are climbing up the ladder?
What would the bug at the top of the ladder be saying to the bug at the bottom of the ladder?
Can the child find the stencil of a speech bubble on page 13?
If a bug were to walk underneath the ladder, would they get bad luck?

This product understands that a child’s imagination has no boundaries. Graffiti 4yrs+ provides an activity in which a child can begin to express their thoughts onto something other than a piece of paper. Through projecting images onto an environment, whether it be a tree in the back garden or the steps leading up to your house, this book asks children to consider where their imagination belongs…