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Colours of the World

by Ulla Käs

Colours of the world is a building game, which contains out of different building blocks from various countries and materials. This enables children to explore and play with different materials, have various haptic experiences and enjoy colourful pattern from different parts of the world, which can enhance their creativity.
The Bricks for the Colours of the World Game are manufactured from local artisans in different countries and be sent to a central office. The available bricks will be shown on the internet and parents can choose the bricks they want and order an individually ensembled Colours of the World Pack. In combination with the bricks will be sent information about the country, the artisans who have made them, the materials and symbols. All bricks from the different countries have the same dimensions and holes, so they all fit together. The game is for the age 2+. Older children can learn about the countries where the bricks were made through the given information. The earnings are spent to further support the artisans and also education projects in the countries of the artisans.