Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Christian Strömqvist

This is a toy designed for the agegroup 5 to 10 years, and perhaps even higher as a bonus. The toy, or playlights, main purpose is to make children see that your actions has effects, and that you can interact with your surroundings. The toy is a main unit shaped as a squid in the middle, with seven silicon spheres with LED lights surrounding it. When you turn on the lamp, you can disconnect the spheres one by one, and use them as balls and play with them. The balls light remains until the small battery that is inside has run out. When you disconnect one sphere, all the others change colour. But the one you disconnected remains in the same colour as it was when it was connected. The squid-shaped lamp also serves as a “nightlamp” and a silent friend on evenings and nights, who can protect the child from imagenary monsters under the bed.
The materials are plastic, silicone or some other soft, semi-transparent plastic, and LED-lights. Even though this is an electrical toy, by using LED as light source it is certain that the product will have a long life, and that it is very energy-efficient. Also, when the “fun-factor” is lost for the child, the Playlights significant shape and experession makes it still serve a purpose as a regular lamp for many years to come.
This is one toy that the child can use for many years, and interact and play with in many different ways.