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Group of Infantile Games

by Carlos Alberto Leon Navarro
Co-authors: Sandra Yanira Sanchez Martinez

The objective of this group of infantile games is; a point of attraction for the children, through elements which are based on animal forms. It also seeks to integrate to gardens thanks to the characteristics that possess some arthropods.

The proposals generated were a result of watching the relation that there is between some of the objects of common use and the users. It has been achieved that this group of infantile games has a more “natural” connection with the environment, incorporating to it's design patterns or models that repeat constantly in the nature, on the trees, on the clouds, on the flowers, on the insects, etc…Which assures that life has an inherent organization. These patterns comfort the human mind. Cause it always searches for something familiar in this chaotic world.
Therefore this subject was chosen, because the relation that there is between children and the nature is more open, at early ages, and it's starting to develop their perceptive capacities and knowledge of the world. In the moment of joining patterns of nature to it's design it allows children to have a more objective vision of nature and everyday life. With the understanding of this link they create affective bonds between the nature and them.

The main advantages are;

The group of infantile games by having a figurative tendency stimulates children to give loose rein to their imagination and creativity.
When the littles sense and understands the existing relation between nature and common life, they create affective bonds between nature and them.
The insects adapt with great success to the life in gardens, we try to rescue this adaptability and apply it to the design of the group of infantile games achieving a better adaptability to the context.
By using natural models, the link between user-product-environment, is more pleasant.