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Space Pillars

by Yoshie Kinnan

Space Pillars are fun fitness equipment to keep children healthy physically and mentally. Today’s children spend most of their time watching TV and playing computer games. Consequently, children do not get enough physical activity which has caused an epidemic of childhood obesity. Also, their social skills and emotional development are lacking. These are serious problems in our society now.
The target ages for Space Pillars are preschool children about 3 to 7 years-old.

Space Pillars encourage children to be creative and to learn social skills during physical activity. They are strange shapes that inspire the imagination. I did not give them individual names, because I want children to apply their own names as way to define a variety of playing spaces such as a pirate ship, a flower garden, and so on. Children learn to cooperate and communicate with each other by plying and by describing their spaces to each other. Each Pillar has multiple functions; however, all Pillars have climbing holds which allow children to work on many facets of physical fitness. Climbing promotes overall wellness by building strength, flexibility and coordination.

Space Pillars would be low cost to manufacture and easy on the environment. The products are made of Vinyl, Polyethylene (HDPE), and Aluminum which are inexpensive to make, durable and recyclable materials. They are made through a process called Blow molding. The bodies of the Pillars can divide into 6 parts, so they can easily fit into smaller packaging which is easier and cheaper to ship.

I designed Space Pillars because; I wanted to encourage children to be physically and mentally healthily in their adult life.