Child’s Play

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by andrea scopece

This toy’s purpose is to offer at the baby the possibility to express his art and creativity having many solutions, for this reason bug-bag has a broad range of colours different for typology and tonalty.
It includes:
1 hard panel to support and block drawing papers (size A3) with a sping;
24 pastels colours + 2 pencils;
24 felt-tip pens;
24 distempers;
24 water-colours;
1 airgraph for felt-tip pens;
and all it is necessary to use them: paint brushes, palette, bowls, wather, eraser, pencil-sharpener.
Than it affords technical elements as 2 squares, mitre square and 60° square, glue, a pair of scissor with round points and a compass.
Inside there is a very innovative element of the project, an extractable and foldable rug, it lets a baby play and draw in full liberty in every enviroment. This rug isolates the baby from the ground, grass, asphalt etc. Bug-bag is a very important for a baby artist creativity and mobility.