Child’s Play

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by Martin Pråme

Whether by jumping up and down in their beds, climbing the furniture, building pillow fortresses or playing hide and seek, young children constantly exhibit a passion for interacting with their environment and the things around them. By playing in these ways, children not only explore and refine the boundaries of their physical capabilities; they also discover the joys of playing together in groups and creating worlds of excitement with their imagination.

The ‘Onion’ is mainly directed at children between the ages of 2 and 5. These children are stepping up the physicality of their play by wanting to run faster, jump higher and manipulate bigger things. They also use their minds to create their own games and prerequisites (“no one is allowed to touch the ground!”, “this box is my boat and the carpet is an island”) This increased intricacy of their play makes interactions between children more rewarding and children begin to play together in a worthwhile way.

At one meter across, the ‘Onion’ sphere might seem daunting at first to a small child, but as the outermost sphere is split open a world of opportunity unravels. The toy consists of four hollow spheres arranged concentrically around a ball. Each sphere is split into two halves that are kept together by magnets. The spheres can be used as balls and be rolled and tossed. They can also be used in halves for building, rocking, dressing, sitting, lying, climbing, jumping, etc.

The ‘Onion’ is built around a simple glass fibre core and padded with a 50 mm layer of foam rubber on either side. It is upholstered with vinyl fabric in order to achieve good comfort and friction and also be easy to clean. Flaps around the rims facilitate detachment.

‘Onion’ - Split it open and watch the playing unfold!