Child’s Play

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by tullio alberto chirò

Ecopoli is a game board which adds some recycle centered rules to Monopoli classic ones.
The aim of this game is to make aware its users about recycling. It’s very importan that today children, tomorrow adults,understand the value of recycling rubbish.
Game kit and Rules (these rules are added to the original ones of Monopoli game)
- 2 to 6 Players (7 if the banker doesn’t play).
The game develops on a table there are 40 areas drawn on this table rapresenting lands, stationns for collecting services, public utility business.
-28 contracts
-2 dice to determinate mouvemnts
-32 recycling plants (blue) and 12 hight recycling regime systems (yellow)
-16 unexpected happenings cards and 16 chance cards
-A pack of 32 Recycle-cards. Players take one card each time they stop on the “collecting point”.
Cards are divided by arguments: pneumatic tyres, aluminium, material, lubricating oil, plastic materials, paper & cardboard, glass, steel.
These cards are used to pay the toll when someone crossed someone else’s property, or can be sold to the bank to avoid to go bankrupt.
Prison: a player goes to prison if he stops on the “you didn’t do the differed collection” area, or because of a chance card or unexpected happening card or if he throws for the third times a double number with dice.