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Joy Counter

by fahrettin ersin alaca
Co-authors: Nurullah Kaya

Joy Counter is based on the interaction of a lot of versions between the LCD screen and manuel turning wheels, covered with figures or letters. The aim is here answering the question or catching the same figures on the wheels in the same line through turning them manually. This toy can be used for children starting from the age 3 to elementary school years, when the child tries to learn how to write and read. Once you buy the whole toy, you can change the dismantle wheels according to the interest of the child, thus the interpretation point begins with the purchasing process. For example, the child can try to bring the same animal figures, which are projected on the LCD screen, in the same line. If the child achieves the task, toy will react with sound and attractive projection. If the child is bored with that version you can buy a new or more complicated wheel set, for example, which asks questions about a football player or a famous artist and the child tries to bring the portrait of him into the same line. You can diversify and make more complicated the game according to the age of the child. For an older one, the process will be much complicated, the question will be an abstract shape and the child will bring the parts of the shape side by side on the wheels like a puzzle, as you see, it can be diversified thousands of times according to the interest or age of the child. A more complicated sample can be code solving with a lot of wheels, covered with letters and numbers instead of figures. Any plastic material suitable for the health of children and recycling or reuse is appropriate for Joy Counter.