Child’s Play

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by nossek anna

This game is for children between 12 and 24 months. The game is composed of 4 boxes that form one single element. The boxes have a cover. The covers have all a different color, to each color a fruit is associated. Inside every box there is a sweet smelling scarf of the same color that has the smell of a fruit. The aim of this game is that kids try to match the smell with the color of the box or the fruit shape on the top of it. The colors are bright the fruits are easy to recognise. It's an educative game as it improves the sensibility of the children senses and learns them the names of the fruits and colors. But they can use this game in different ways hiding other things in the boxes, using the scarfs to hide, making the ghost, making clothes for his dolls, making huts, or as a security blanket etc. Other ranges of smells can be imagined: Exotic fruits(pinneaple,grapefruit,mango...) breakfast (chocolate,vanilla,toffe...)etc.