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Sound Grass

by chiararch

KEYWORD: “ Sound Grass”

AGE GROUP : 2 - 5

SHORT DESCRIPTION ”Sound Grass “ is a versatile playing device that reproduces a coloured lawn that can be used by children to lay down, roll and relax; it involves simultaneously the senses of a child in a simple and intuitive interacting game that stimulate curiosity and imagination.

Sense 1 Eyesight: The elements that form “sound grass” are represented by flexible tubular structures made of coloured rubber. The use of colours for games dedicated to children of this age (2 to 5) is of great importance, because colours draw children attention by stimulating emotions and feelings thus contributing to the development of their perception abilities.
Sense 2 touch: When interacting with “sound grass”, a child experiences the pleasant sensation of touching a soft and flexible object: this feature helps children in developing manual skills.
Sense 3 olfaction: When approaching to “sound grass” the child realizes that some of the coloured and flexible tubules are scented: this feature favours the development of perception and stimulates pleasure-seeking mechanisms.
Sense 4 hearing: With a light pressure/push some of the rubber tubules activate different digital sound activating sensors that transform “sound grass” into an interactive playing floor. The child will have fun in discovering all the “sound making tubules” hidden in the lawn and will be able to arrange a small melody either by inventing or by listening to a set of different sounds (melodies, musical notes, voices, noises, landscape and animal sounds etc.): these features are aimed to develop sound sensitivity and language brain areas; in addition they favour motor coordination and memory training.

- MATERIALS: - Coloured and scented rubber tubules attached on a wooden surface
- Digital sound making system (melodies, musical notes, voices, noises, landscape and animal sounds etc.)