Child’s Play

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Magic Wave

by chiararch

- KEYWORD: “ Magic Wave”
- AGE GROUP : 2 - 5
- SHORT DESCRIPTION: ”Magic Wave “ is a highly versatile playing device that gives children the opportunity to use their imagination when having fun. Its twisting and rippling shape makes it a fascinating wave-looking pipe, under which children can hide, or an amazing mountain that they can either climb or explore by passing through its holes present on the surface. These characteristics have the purpose to both promote action and exploration processes (typical of children between 2 and 5 years of age) and favour psychological growth, by stimulating imagination and adventure attitudes. The kid can develop his abilities by playing alone or by socializing in small groups, thus discovering different sensations and testing his skills in total safety and independence. The motor activities performed by children during recreational moments, represent fundamental and involving experiences of childhood useful to develop and strengthen skills, that are important for discovering new physical boundaries and developing personality and socialization attitudes.

- MATERIALS: Recycling coloured rubber
Polyester climbing system

- opalescent coloured lights
- interior speakers to give children the opportunity to listen to landscape sounds, short tales and songs, thus stimulating their imagination.