Child’s Play

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by Pippi-Wippi

The “Pippi-Wippi”

The “Pippi-Wippi” is a multi-functional piece of furniture for children. It is to energize the fantasy of the children. From a single piece of furniture as much as possible variants should be developed. That is the basic idea of the "Pippi-Wippi".

The curve consists of layer-glued wood. The hammock is manufactured from a nylon material. The curve weighs are 2.8 kilograms. Not too heavy for children, but in the same time not too light regarding the aspect of security (stability).
The seesaw is not painted and not varnished. It’s only treated with wax. So, there’s no risk for the health of the children.

The seesaw is meant for children starting from 3 up to 10 years. It trains basic skills like sitting, swinging, creeping, hopping and more. There are no limits set to the fantasy. It also supports the natural feeling of balance.

You will find some examples of use in the pictures enclosed.