Child’s Play

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The Great Legend

by Giovanni Bianco

The project’s concept comes very far in the age; since 2000 years ago, in the egyptian and roman period, boys and girls had toy soldier and doll to play.
Every boy sometimes has play with soldier or construction to create fantastic adventures just with the fantasy.
Here comes this play, which consist in 3 or more kind of building inspired to the history with their own characters.
There are the Greek Parthenon and the phalanx, the legendary Roman Colosseum with the gladiators and the empire guards or the Maya’s phiramids and their great priests.
All made in ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in modular pieces each of one similar to original part of the building it represent, like the parthenon’s columns.
Important for the children is play and have fun with a game which stimulate creativity and fantasy and is able to increase their quality.
In the packaging, in addition to pieces of the game and the manikin, there is the instruction book where is possible to read the history and the legends concerning every buildings.