Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Teng Wee Siang Wilson
Co-authors: Png Hui Qi Vandra, Tan Yeow Kwang


‘Sketch+Play’ is an educational play tool, made up of tactile 3D building blocks of blank canvases for the child to project his/her ideas. Children sketch on these shaped blocks using marker pens or PRANG crayons to create their very own character objects & props. The blocks are melamine-coated to allow the drawings to be erased with ease using a dry cloth, ready for their next round of play.

Social Theme: Education

Our target age group is 4-7 years old. Children at this age usually seek environmental stimulation that promotes their intellectual development and their initial representation of objects. With our range of shaped blocks in basic 3D geometric forms, children are able to nurture their creative thought process by combining the different blocks together and draw on them to produce their own drawings, objects or even animals. It is up to the children’s free interpretation to discover their way of playing, limited only by their imagination!

Materials Used

Shapes blocks: Wood and melamine coated surface

The JPEG pictures show how our toy look like, and also show examples of how children can display their creativity on the blocks by using marker.