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MAXIplay 327

by natraj k.patham

" Age before five last the rest of their lives "
MAXIplay 327
(decide your game)

- The challenge is to maximise playing ways through form of self creation & imagination using all components to greater use and skill

- This revolutionary MAXIPLAY 327 enables kids aged from 3-7 to create their own space,game & strategy that will make multiple centre of playstations ; flexible to use at home or outdoor

-MAXIPLAY 327 aims at all kinds of play such as physical, explorative,creative,pretend,sensory & constructive play

-Components include LDPE pipes & joinery ,handloom fabrics ( weavers benefit )-with buttons,velcro tapes and stitched out graphics ,cotton ropes & wool that all can go recyclable & affordable by commoner & easy made techniques

-Hinted Toys range from construction of climbing frames ,tents,shelter out,walk on stilts,hand toys,Goal post,shopkeeper fantasy,build furniture,water & sand play,target games,build collage work,farm croquet,cricket stumps,skipping rope,create crafts ,draw ,discover by sorting & much more & more in any scale

-Enables skill development in the form of
1.Problem solving ( color,classify,sort,puzzles,fantasize,match & join)
2.Numeracy ( count,order,simple math rules to complex)
3.Fine motor (buttoning,lace,copying shapes,drawing,tieing ropes,puzzle solving)
4.Social ( share,group play ,dramatic play )
5.Gross motor ( through balance,target ,throw ,build and use of other toys on to MAXIplay
6.Explore & think ( water,sand ,dressing,group & build)
7.Intellectual ( thro complex rules ,stacking & role play )

-The strategy now is to use by child as during his/her growth and reach complexity in forms and after outgrown ( at age 8 upwards ) either can be converted to an object at home ,understand different usage or discarded and re-used in any forms.