Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Dejan Mitrovic
Co-authors: Luka Raunic

Ar-kid (Architect kid) aims to develop children’s creativity while they are still young. The point of it is to interrelate playing and designing. Ar-kid allows the children to build their own room, just like they want it to be, but with no necessity of someone older helping. Its simplicity and functionality allows great flexibility in arranging the parts and building pieces of furniture for the room. The basic set consists of 5 platforms, 8 short legs. 4 long legs, 2 flat plates and 6+2 joints, which allows a broad variety of combinations: chair, table, desk, bench, shelves, house, fence and anything else that a child would want for his/her room. The set aims at an age range from approx. 6-10, as it offers building basic or more complex things from the same set of pieces.

The point is that all pieces can be easily attached to one another and also easily detached. The dimensions of children’s furniture was studied and analyzed, so that Ar-kid fulfills the standard sizes.

Its simple form and light-weight will let the children carry the forms around and will be safe for their use. Attractive colours will bring more fun into the construction and will train the children to combine different colour tones together.

All Ar-kid pieces are made of 2mm PVC plastic, using the blow-moulding/ injection moulding process. This means fast and cheap production and recycling.

The pieces are connected between them, by inserting the male form into the female, or by using the joints when two surfaces are linked. There are two types of joints, which allow connecting parallely or perpendicularly. The bulge enters the dent, by clicking in, thanks to the screw line. It can be pulled or screwed out of the dent, as it has a rotational line inside, for easier separation.