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Bop a Lock

by Shaais Sattar

Bop a Lock is a combination lock designed for pre-teen to early teen girls. Being at a stage when the discovery of one’s individual identity is so important, as well as social experiences and trends, the lock is designed for customization and comes in many colors to suit one’s own personality and identity. It is designed for a locker, a social location as well as a symbol of personal space that many decorate. The lock can serve as a toy, a conversation starter, a possible trendy object, and also a decorative element for the outside of the locker.

Its cute, playful factor is what lends it to be a toy. Its combination is made up of the way in which one interacts with it through the actions: tickling, rubbing, and poking. It uses the push button combination mechanism and the center is made of solid steel to ensure its durability, safety, and long life. The buttons are placed in locations where one would most likely carry out these actions. Above the buttons, and as a smooth outer coating is a layer of soft rubber that when pressed upon still allows the pressing of the buttons below. Buttons are placed under the armpits where one would normally tickle as well as below the different texture of the hair, where one is most likely to rub across. Another button lies below the heart, a rubber button form that one is most likely to poke. One can set the combination themselves. The lock is opened by unknowingly hitting 3 buttons while performing a series of the actions: tickling, rubbing and poking.