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Travel Buddies

by Shaais Sattar

Travel Buddies are a series of wearable, jewelry-like toys designed for girls within the ages of 5-8 years. The toys are meant to encourage pretend-play as they are supposed to be miniature pets that one can carry around, play with, and care for throughout the day. Each toy takes into account the different characteristics of the individual animal and the way in which we could interact with it as a pet. For example, the bird can be carried in a cage that can be hung or worn, it can be placed on a perch that is assembled, or just carried on your finger. The monkey has the ability to hang from the necklace in different combinations of its hands and feet as well as hold the banana through the joint mechanism on its hands and feet.

Travel Buddies combine the aesthetics of bright-colored wooden block toys with a bit of the delicateness of a Polly pocket. The motor skills of these children are developed enough to manipulate and handle the small pieces that come with these toys. In addition to this, Travel Buddies have the ability of becoming collectible if expanded to other animals, much like many collectible toys that children of this age enjoy. The toys are made from responsibly harvested wood and are painted with non-toxic paints.