Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Sara Zokaei

Imageo has been designed as an introduction to drawing for pre-school children (5+ years old). The goal of imageo is to help the children visualize and break down their surrounding to more simplified geometrical shapes. These exercises will minimize any creative barriers children may experience when they begin to draw.

Hemp plastic will be used to manufacture all pieces of imageo. This material can be injection molded to hold fine product details. It is composed of a non-toxic natural fiber¹ making it very safe for children, and environmentally friendly. The primary and secondary colors of the imageo pieces will be achieved by utilizing a special spray molding technique² specific for this material.

imageo is designed to be simple and self explanatory for any child located anywhere in the world. It flourishes the child’s imagination and allows them to create their world and act out their own stories.

By learning the simple geometrical relations the child’s logical thinking will improve leading to enhancement of his/her cognitive ability, and thus preparing them for elementary school.