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Linko series

by Farshid Sarmast


Linko series is a toy composed of some different elements used for creating many various straight or flexible 3D structures or forms. Aimed at 6-120 years old children! this toy is based on a very simple but so flexible & reliable mechanism in human body skeleton (ball-and-socket joint). An arm with two ball shaped ends, a nail shaped element, a sphere with 14 holes on it, & a two pieced joint are the parts of Linko series: the arm`s end are placed in the joint`s holes to make a flexible swinging movement & the nail`s narrow end is placed into the sphere`s holes to make a stable link . All parts are made of injection molded plastics & are safe for children touching & could be recycled. This toy is for children from all countries & cultures & can also be used by designers, engineers, scientists to grow up their creativity.