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YUGO: soft digital pet

by tanya marriott

YUGO is the soft digital pet Designed for 4+ . YUGO teaches children the importance of nurture by making them responsible for the well-being of their toy
Use the collar to collect memories and “feed” them to YUGO by putting on it’s collar. YUGO craves companionship, so the more information you feed YUGO the closer you become, and the more YUGO learns about you.
Children develop their own way of communication with YUGO. Through training the pet by interacting with its sensitive digital fabric skin. Stroking your pet activates the images, tickling him under his chin plays music.
YUGO changes colors with the child’s touch- chirping and glowing warmer colors when he is full of information and colder colors when he is empty.
The child’s voice also activates functions within YUGO.
If the child abuses YUGO, he switches off, and has to be coaxed back on again through gentle handling.
The collar is a micro hard-drive and the pet a mouse. The collar provides the YUGO with storage for the information gathered.
When the collar is on the pet images and film can be accessed and projected through the aperture at the front of the collar. The basket is a recharging unit plugged into mains power.
Without the collar YUGO can still communicate with the child through sound and colour changes in his skin, however the collar is the key connection to deeper interactivity.
As the pet grows new collars can be introduced which instruct YUGO in different modes of interaction.
The collar and basket is constructed from organic BIO-Polymers, which can be broken down and recycled. The skin is constructed from touch sensitive fabric.
The pet is designed to grow as the child grows, and like a favorite toy will be kept in the family throughout its owner’s lifespan.