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Flinky - flexible links

by Vered Zaykovsky

Flinky is a constructive toy that stimulates the child to interact with his environment, enabling him to transform any kind of surrounding (indoor as well as outdoor) into an exciting world of exploration, throughout experience and fun.
Composed of flexible elements with suction cups in both edges, Flinky can be attached to all smooth surfaces. It can be united, separated, piled, curved, straightened, twisted and extended. Throughout this simple and intuitive operations Flinky provides the freedom of expression that leads to an unlimited possibilities of interpretation. Once a 3D form was created it can easily be modified, distracted and reconstructed in a different way.

Flinky is indicated for the age of 3 years and up, it will be naturally interpreted in different levels according to child’s own technical skills and phase of cognitive development.
In the first step Flinky encourages the development of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and proprioception.
In the scholar age Flinky inspires child’s creative skills, such as imagination, improvisation, invention, intuition and spatial perception.
Flinky encourages observation and increases child’s awareness to his surrounding, while space, materials, textures, objects of daily use - can become parts of the game.
Flinky educates to re-use and recycle and gives the child a chance to comprehend the fact that his continuous need for innovation in order to enrich his playing world can be resolved in creative (and economic) ways, therefore Flinky helps to reduce consumption.

Flinky is made of metal wire and non-toxic flexible plastic.
A multiple typology – variety of lengths, colours and combinations – enriches the tactile and visual experience, amplifies the stimulating aspect of the toy.

In the pictures - children play spontaneously with hand-made prototypes.

Flinky - flexible links © 2007 all rights reserved to Vered Zaykovsky