Child’s Play

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Two textile books "Teddy bear" and "Colour tree"

by Michaela Jančárková
Co-authors: TUL - cathedre of design

Two textile books which can help in a child’s preparation for comming to school. These books are intented on an exercisng of fine motoric, cognition the colors, forms, progression of imagination etc. Suitable for using in smallish children collective, with assistance of adult partner.

Used materials: hair felt – 100% viscose, flanelette – 100% cotton, woven fabric – 100% cotton, knitting yarn – 100% polyacrylonitrile, knitted plush, polyester filler, sewing threads, slide fasteners, buttons, buckles, fasteners, Velcro fasteners

Used technologies: Lamination of hair felt trough the use of double sider adhesive vliseline
Knitting the flat stitch fabric
Hand sewing and sewing on the hemming machie
Agglutination with special glue for textile fabrics
Spraying the special colour ink for textile fabrics
Painting the by the special water colours for textile fabrics
Making the contours by the universal colours in tube

Knitted book „Colour tree“- for children in pre school age, until about 6 years.
The tree - exercising in cognition the colours, eyesight, in chromatic colours
Puzzle Apple – a folder with simple form, but it is complexly structured.
for exercising, forms, encompassment the process of synthesis and analysis
Bunny clock – understanding orientation in time, knowing the numbers. Hands and pendulum are movable
The Grub – cognition and compositioning of numbers, making the grub’s body from wheels with numbers
Flowers – cognition of basic geometric figures. The flowers are in different sizes, good for exercising eyesight

Book „Teddy bear“ – for children in pre school age, from about 3 years, for exercising and evolutioning of fine motoric, dexterity and volubility of fingers.
Teddy bear – he has a clothes and shoes, (un)button
Patents – (un)buttoning of different clothes patent
Happy snail – three exchangeable shells by means of buttons
The boot – sliding-in and tying of shoelaces