Child’s Play

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by alga

“KOLIPO” could be a new funny dice, a ball, a lights game or even a 3D keyboard; let’s the children choose it.
The starting point of this project is the spherical shape, as one of the most popular and open–to-interpretation games ever. This seven edged object takes inspiration from the Johnson solid geometrical figure of an elongated triangular pyramid.
The target age of “KOLIPO” is from 5 to 12 months: this is the age when the child’s growth is particularly concerning visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. This game wants to develop the child’s motor skills and the senses of hearing and seeing.
The game plastic body is composed by two half orbs connected with a total of seven peripheral nodes (as seven are notes). Each node has a transparent rubber edge, with a button switch, a note letter and a led light inside.
There are two functioning modes: in the first mode every led lights on for 3 seconds when its matching switch is pressed (and so whenever the game is hit on the ground). In the second mode, adjustable rotating the main arm (arms are all the same but only one can be turned), all leds will light on permanently creating something like a coloured lighting ball. In both modalities every time a button is pressed the corresponding note is electronically reproduced.
Electronics, batteries and the speaker are all enclosed in the central sphere, also to better distribute weights and to protect the parts, and there are no grilles or unprotected openings. There are just two embedded screws. Body is made of ABS, with parts connected by mechanic joints (screws) and thermic welding.