Child’s Play

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by Magnus Gustafsson
Co-authors: Anna Löthman

At the age of three or four years children have developed their fine motor skills and are able to move their fingers independent from each other. They are very curious and want to explore the world, using their new abilities. Beside this, children are also observing and imitating a lot. They can match pictures with objects, and they know common colours. Even if they want to construct complex things and are learning to count, puzzle and organise - they often sort object by its size and colour - they still cannot distinguish reality from fantasy very well. At this age children are fully in their chaos-phase. The chaos is the creative and playful part of the mind, which makes children messy, loud and overactive. The counterpart is order. The result of a collision of these two parts, are ideas and fantasy.

We wanted to create a toy which gives the widest field of possibilities for the child. Free for interpretation in the way of playing with it, and giving a chance to associate and explore without rules. The construction is the order in this game, which collide with the chaos – the absence of prescription - and leads to a high level of ideas and release of fantasy.
The bricks are made of enameled wood and thus recyclable. The forms of the items are kept very basic to avoid hindrance of creativity and fantasy. Magnetic surfaces allow the bricks to be connected. The bricks are painted in the most common colours and are all big enough so they cannot be swallowed.
Combinations may result in animals, vehicles, however in imitations of reality, or the children’s own compositions of their ideas and creativity, or even objects in between, which make them explore the difference of reality and fantasy.