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Mr. Potato Head-ICE

by Priscila Ruiz Ocejo

Mr. Potato Head-ICE, is a game for children of 3 years and older.
Mr. Potato Head-ICE is composed by ice mold makers, made of no toxic Silicon rubber and decorating stuff as spangles, adamantine, no toxic vegetal painting….
The game is about filling molds of water, decorate them, freeze them and finally when they are ready, gathered and make a Mr. Potato Head of Ice, of course, you have to built it before it gets melted.
If you want to conserve it longer you can put it back in the freezer.
With this game, the children will have lots of fun in a new, different and original way.

The game will help children to learn about colors, associations, forms and to distinguish objects. They will be able to manufacture, assemble and create their own sculptures, and each time their creations will be different.

Mr. Potato Head-ICE existed already, but Mr. Potato Head-Ice is a new way of having fun for children. It conserves the same forms from the past, the same colors, the same figures, but it explores new materials, new techniques, with a very different concept.

Mr. Potato Head-ICE is unharmful to environment, because, when the children get older, you can be able to re-use these ice mold makers, to make your own ice at home, so you do not pollute by throwing the materials to the garbage.
On the other hand, the package in which the game is presented is a multi-functional box, which can be used later on for several purposes. The game is useful for a lot of years and a lot of generations.