Child’s Play

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The Interactive Play on the wall. – I.P.O.W

by pdmotion

The interactive play on the wall “IPOW” targets kids between 6month and 6years. The intelligent toy will support babies in getting up as well as provides creativity and imagination to the kids. The IPOW depends on kids’ growth period; therefore kids will play with the toy without any prescriptiveness.
For babies, around six month-years are highly active in curiosity and senses. In physical feature is that the babies start going on hands and legs on floor, touch and grasp objects around them. The IPOW will provide not only ease and stability to stand up but also will enable the babies to feel touch and color.
For kids, around 3~4years old, the kids are rapidly developed both physical movements and brain movements. The IPOW will enable the kids to advance their detail hand movements such as grabbing, pushing, pulling and taking off and on the objects as they are playing with the IPOW; moreover, the kids will be developed for brain movements such as color sense, material, and so on while operating the toy.
In last, for around 5~6 years old, they tend to draw and pencil everywhere once they grabbed a pen. Another function of the toy is to provide a huge paintable plate on the wall. The kids can enjoy drawing and penciling with their own creativity on the wall without any scolding from parents.
The IPOW will help out children to develop the creativity through out physical movements and the five senses.