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Build up kid’s creativity - " Blovi "

by pdmotion

When kids become at 3~4 years, the intelligence is extremely advanced as well as specific characteristic is built up at the same time. The traits of the period, they want to be very independent and want to make a social with friends. Sometimes they want to hide themselves when they want to be alone or when they feel to escape from a situation, shame or anger, sometimes they love to imagine in their own space. Kids also tend to keep their treasure in the secret place, then show off the treasure to friends proudly. By the reasons, they desire to get an independent and secret space, such as in the closet or under the bed or small cabin in back yard.

As the kid’s characteristic, the Blovi will help the kids to build up their own secret space with their own creativities. The kids also can make a conversation tools and table for their social life; moreover they can play with it on the water in secure. The kids can naturally develop their own intelligence and senses while playing and operating the Blovi

The Blovi consists of flat cylindrical shapes, flat box shapes and flexible connectors, the main cylindrical shapes and box shapes can be designed any shape in manufacturing, all the material is 100% recyclable. The light weight components are very easy to access for kids with pastel color, it is designed to assemble easily with perceptible clues.

Eventually, the Blovi will guide the kids to get accomplishment of building up the structures what they want to make, and will enable the kids to advance their own intelligence and creativity through the processing of assembly. The kids also will grow bigger imagination with the Blovi.