Child’s Play

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by Laura Micalizzi

Carillon is an affordable toy which stimulates cognitive skills through multidisciplinarity.

Its conical shape suggests a function and a reference motion. Carillon rotates and revolves tilted, by doing so its relief patterns leave concentric creative marks if slightly dipped in ink.

Associations happen just like when discerning images in clouds or patterns in ink marks. Interaction takes place on diverse cognitive levels, various elements are involved, such as kinematics, drawing, creation of words from letters, spatial awareness by suggested 3D visual associations to 2D pattern formation etc.

Carillon is aimed to age 4 and up, when the child performs increasingly complex sequential and symbol based tasks and where space and motion become an interesting phenomenon to study through play.

The child is inspired by associations between the object’s physical appearance and with what it can create if put into motion by simple rotation. Playing with more than one Carillon can create uncountable possibilities and motifs both with symbols and letters.

Every part of Carillon is composed of biodegradable plastic obtained from corn through a simple conical mould with relief patterns. The stick useful to make it revolve can be re-used.

Carillons are sold in assorted groups hanging from a string, as they all have a hole in the center. Collections of Carillons may be produced in any color.