Child’s Play

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by Sara Corbo

A lot of children playing with construction games would like to physically enter that small creations of their fantasy, but they can’t because of their dimensions. And a lot of children love to have a personal private place, but plastic or wooded houses and furniture are all the same with few ways to personalize them.
Sara&Andrea enables children to create highly personalized furniture for their rooms or the daily dream house.
This game is thought for 4 to 9 aged children who need to use their hands to discover the world, to develop their imagination and personality and to simulate adult’s ways and lifestyle.
The kit is composed of 3D geometrical elements and finish materials.
Geometrical elements are: 26 15x15x15cm cube, 36 35x45x15 cuboids, 12 30cm height and 15cm diameter cylinder, 2 130cm length and 15cm diameter tube and 6 panels (1 43x58cm; 1 58x88 cm; 4 128x68cm). All these are made of low density expanded polyurethane covered by cotton. The faces of each element have different colours and present some no scratched Velcro straps to freely fix the elements together.
Finish materials are: a small mirror, a gel aquarium, some little plastic bricks, majolicas and ivy limbs and some wood textured panels.
After playing, children can disassemble their soft creations while jumping or “plunging” on them and, once the fun is finished, all these light pieces can be compressed and put into a blanket chest. The blanket chest sizes are 45x90cm per 35cm height, made in atossic crushproof polypropylene that can be used to furnish the new house, too.
All these components are washable.
The complete kit is very light and transportable because of 4 wheels and 2 handles on the bench.
Sara&Andrea is a game that can be played everywhere, indoor and in open spaces.