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The young abstract painter

by Marta De Blasi
Co-authors: Stefania Gasparetto

“The young abstract painter” is a card game for children from 4 to 8 years.

The aim of the game is to create abstract compositions by using coloured geometric figures.

The set of the game is in a small suitcase made of coloured plastic.
It consists of a base made of black plastic divided into three sections:
_the first section contains wooden geometric blocks vernished with plain colour or with different tonalities;
_the second section contains the “playing cards”. On every card there is an image with its short description;
_the third section contains cardboard bases (4 mm thick). Both surfaces are coloured with primary colours or a mix of colours, e.g. a base with a black surface and the other one white, or with a red and the other blue.
On the inside of the small suitcase there is the interpretation of geometric figures and colours.

The game is expected to make children able to play with colours related to geometric figures.

The game follows the study carried out by Vassilj Kandinsky on colour psychology presented in his book “Über das Geistige in de Kunst” published in 1912.
According to this theory, every colour is influenced both by the geometric figure in which it is contained and by the background on which lies. For example, on a black background every colour seems to be more intense, while on a white one every colour seems to dim. Every playing cards evokes in children not only an image which represents a symbol for that event, but also a sound and a chromatic schemes which identifie the event in their minds. These three schemes have to be represented through the basis coloured geometric figures and others more elaborated.